Hi, I am Francesco Dell’ Anna,
welcome to my blog.

Few words about me, I am a digital circuit designer who wants to share my personal view on various topics.
I am originally from Italy but thanks to my profession I had the opportunity to live in Belgium, China and I am currently in Norway.

I like digital design because it constantly pushes me to think of possible solutions which often results in new elegant algorithms.
This blog gives me the opportunity to publish content that I am passionate about, without all the restrictions of traditional research journals.
After few years of research and industrial experience, I came to the conclusion that research is generally well behind in terms of technology.
I reconsidered the role of research as the best way to push humanity forward, since even non-profit organizations have a paywall to either publish or access the results of the research.

I want to publish all my content so anyone can freely use it, with links to working libre code. This is the main reason why I started the blog.

Furthermore, I want to use the blog to give my personal opinion on general topics such as workflow, scripting, politics and economics.

The best way to interact with me is to send me an email at fd@francescodellanna.xyz.
I am looking forward to hear your comments.

Francesco Dell’ Anna.