Dear pet lovers

Very seldom we tell other people that they are cute when they eat, poop or run around!

People that love their pets have generally the power of life and death over their life.
They separate puppies from their mothers right after they are born. Then they generally get castrated and put in leashes or cages for the rest of their life.

I keep hearing excuses such as:

But the dog and cat are happy living with me!
I make sure that my pet is taken good care of!
The dog follows me anywhere and happy when I get home!

Like the pets ever had a choice.
I would be happy to see my master too if he/she is the only thing I know and my only chance of survival.

I understand people using animals to achieve some goals, like food production milk, meat, eggs, honey etc.
I understand people using animals to guard properties, to ride around, keep rats or other pests under control or something somewhat beneficial.

What I do not understand is people that “love” their pets, while putting them in complete subjugation.

Against all hygienic norms, kissing cats and dogs is somewhat normal as well as sleeping with animals in the same bed.

By any means take responsibly for your pets. If you have animals take care of them.
Do not see them as things you love, see them for what they areā€¦ animals.

By the way it should be obvious but it is worth mentioning. People are animals too.

Take care of animals, and try to not subjugate just for your not corresponded love for them.


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