How not to be a sheep…

Cults are always the practical way on how to impose subjugation.

To belong in a cult you must:
Believe in what other people believe.
Say what everybody say.
Do what everybody is doing.
Dress as everybody is dressed.
Idealize people above you.

Cults are everywhere. Lets make some examples.

  • All religious institutions
  • Martial arts
  • Sports
  • Companies
  • Military
  • Music
  • And many other weird stuff…

A good way to start being a sheep is to identify yourself with what you do or what you like.
Here a few examples:

If you eat vegetables than call yourself a vegetarian.
If you support women rights than call yourself a feminist.
If you want equal distribution of resources than call yourself a communist.
If you listen to punk music than call yourself a Punk.

To stop thinking like a sheep you should draw a clear distinction between what do you think and who you are. Therefore, stop seeking the meaning of your existence in external groups.

It is easy and lame to box everything like a sheep, just base all your world view on unquestioned preconcerts.
You are a “old” “white” “woman” “western” “blonde” and therefore you must be …
You are a “black” “African” “man” “with tattoo” and therefore you must be …
Everything outside those rigid mental schemes are normal and not weird anomalies.

The sheep are at the base of every cult, and if the leaders are charismatic enough the sheep can do anything for them.

The most eye opening example for me is Jonestown 1978 where 909 people committed suicide mostly voluntarily.

Accept who you are as an individual and stop seeking a false sense of belonging.


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