Is academic research on tech behind?

Big disclaimer, I know there are many motivated professors and researchers that do a wonderful job, and push humanity forward with their contribution. I have great admiration for those people.
Plus, I think that the research world has done more positive than negative overall.

Having said that, I will generalize by saying that: I believe that the research businesses is rotten and broken beyond repair.

Why do we need to pay to access the research when most of the publications are publicly founded?
Why do researchers pay 2000-3000 dollars to publish open access articles?
Reviewers do not get paid for their work, after all.

What service do actually research journal provide?
The review process takes mounts in average to read a 8 page article, and at the end reviewers come back to you giving in general a mediocre feedback. In the meanwhile you can just hope that the paper gets accepted, since you can not resend your paper to another journal.

The only value I see in scientific journals is not the scientific community behind, but it is the artificial cite score, which is the only metric to judge the quality of my work.

Every researcher is forced to publish even if the results are mediocre. And the results need to be good and not bad. Research leading nowhere is a useful and honest outcome that should deserve a proper publication outlet.
Researchers can generally get away with rubbish work. What you need is a complex mathematical proof full of new symbols, which I bet 90% of readers (including reviewers) will not bother to read.
Furthermore, if you want to publish, make straightforward achievements incomprehensible, cite a lot of recent work (preferably from the journal you intend to publish), put on some beautiful graph and derive obvious conclusions.

In my straightforward view, it is useless to provide a complex mathematical model if it is not translated into working code.
If you are modelling anything, you probably should not only do the calculations as Newton or Galileo did.

And then we can ponder…
Why research is fallen behind industry?


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