Proud for nothing.

People should not be judged based on things that they do not decide, like skin tone, sex preferences, age, birth location etc…
Apparently people are proud for something they never did or accomplish. I am proud to be gay, I am proud to be black, I am proud to be a man or woman.

A small off topic consideration, there is not such thing as a clear distinction between skin tones. There are thousand of genes contributing your skin tone. Sun exposure changes your skin tone. Therefore, there is not a clear distinction between black and white people.

What I see is deep insecurities, weak people seeking recognition or simply spot lights.

Tell me what you accomplished in life, where do you want to go, what are you trying to achieve.
If you put a lot of emphasis on who you are, than keep in mind that there are probably a lot of people like you, and therefore you are not that interesting.

Preaching about your problems or political campaigns, really annoys people. Immediately alarm bells ring every time somebody is trying to convince me about whatever topic.
I know that this statement might annoy some people, but the best way to seek recognition is to be a nice person, if there is no violence involved.

Plus if you are or were nice and useful to other people, than you would have something to be proud of, and most likely you will have all the recognition you deserve.


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