Random advises from some guy on the internet

What is your job?
When it comes to that question my general answer is to manage my resources: time, money, connections.

I like to think that if what you do is useful and meaningful, than money can be a natural outcome from your work.

Do work that matter for people who care. “Seth Godin”
And I would add to that: you should care about your work and about the people you serve.

Does the job you currently do give you meaning or motivation?
Is money the only motivation to keep on going?

I believe most people live deeply unsatisfying lives.
They are stuck with responsibilities, upcoming payments, habits, maintaining social status, debt.

First advise I would give to someone that feels stuck is to stop wasting time.
Stop consuming content that does not benefit you directly. TV, books, songs etc…
Stop living your life as a compulsive consumer.
You should invest your time to produce, improve, work on yourself, relax and to be with people that you care about you.

Second advise would be to reach a point where you gain leverage. Get out of debt and get enough money to take decisions in life.
Save and invest. If you do not have a positive cash flow than you do not have many choices in life. If you do not own any asset, you have nothing. Inflating currency give you leverage but it will be worthless in the long term.

Third advise is to find things you like, and build on them.
Consistency is the key. Focus your effort on few projects, and work on them as your life depends on them.
It takes a lot of time, effort and resources to make things happen. Therefore, money can not be the only motivation, money should be one of the outcomes.
It takes consistency and work to make change happen.

Fourth advise consider risk and rewards for every decisions.
Do not change radically your life on the premise of future change, analyze objectively the risk/reward for every situation.

Fifth advise think for yourself. Do not do things just because everybody does them.
Stop caring about social expectations. Your look, things you own, and things you want to do are fine if you are ok with them.
It is ok to do not fit within a group. If you want to be free, do not let any material thing own you (house, car, Disney+, etc…)
Or any expectation dictate what you want to be.

Sixth advise, take responsibility. If you want meaning for your work and life in general, be responsible, take ownership of successes and failures.
Failure is a fundamental part of life, and it is the biggest opportunity for future successes.


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