Religious people are delusional.

Straight out religious systems are wrong.

Jesus, Mohammad, Vishnu or Zeus are not gods or prophets.
All constructed religious systems have been proven to be wrong.
Lets take some Christians statements as an example. It is proven that the man derived from monkeys, it is proven that the earth is not flat, it is proven that the earth rotates around the sun.

Christianity is just an example, all the religions are full of wrong statements, and most of them are so incoherent that several people preach different things within the same religion.

Religions made sense in the past. Historically it was very hard to disprove religions, especially if you were not literate, like the majority of the world population.
Plus religions where used to define culture and they where often expanded mainly through military conquest. Religions are in a sense a practical way to assert influence over a region.

Some reasons why people still believe in religions nowadays:

Limits on your knowledge?
Some people stick to religions saying: I do not exactly believe in (whatever people around you believe) but I do think there is some other God out there, beyond my and your comprehension.
Instead of putting God in whatever thing you do not understand, would not be more honest and easier to think: I simply do not know/understand.

Meaning of life?
You should figure it out what is your meaning, do not expect God intervention for that.
I can give you few hints: the meaning of your existence is to preserve your life, improve your living condition, and procreate, hopefully more than one kid.

Life after death?
Religions might give you some false hopes.
The truth is that you will most likely decompose, and hopefully your legacy will leave after you.

Unlike things you do not decide such as: age, sex, race etc… It is ok to judge people based on religious believe.
It is ok to believe whatever you want to believe. But if I find it absurd, than you should be prepared to be judged.

I personally judge religious people at the same level as flat earthers. They both just do not want to see the truth.


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